Emergency Dentist Appointments in Grand Haven, MI

Grand Haven Dental Care is here to provide the best preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry possible. Our services allow us to safeguard you from a long list of oral health conditions that could lead to more serious problems. To minimize your risk of dental emergencies, you can stay up-to-date with your appointments at our practice.

If you do suffer a dental injury, or experience a sudden onset of tooth or mouth pain, Dr. Wood will schedule you in for a same-day or next-day emergency dentist appointment.

Looking for the best emergency dentist near Grand Haven and Muskegon, MI? Call us today!

We provide urgent dental care to treat the following conditions:

Tooth Pain

man holding his mouth from tooth painAre you experiencing persistent tooth pain lasting longer than a day or two? This could indicate a more serious dental condition that needs immediate attention. Our signature emergency examinations include a thorough exam and consultation with Dr. Wood and a set of high-tech digital x-rays!

Knocked-Out or Broken Teeth

Knocked-out or broken teeth can affect the appearance of your smile, but they aren't just cosmetic issues. In fact, this sort of damage can lead to dangerous infections and negatively affect your complete body health. If you or your child have suffered a cracked tooth, a knocked out tooth, or a broken tooth, call us right away!

Broken Dental Fillings & Crowns

Grand Haven Dental Care uses only the most durable, cutting-edge materials for our customized, lab-fabricated dental crowns and fillings. Nevertheless, these restorations still come with a certain lifespan and can be damaged for a number of reasons. If your dental filling or crown breaks or comes off, schedule an urgent dental care appointment right away.

Dental Abscesses

When infections develop just below the gum line and go untreated, dental abscesses can form. During your emergency dentist appointment, Dr. Wood will assess the abscess and discuss your treatment options with you. In this circumstance, she may recommend an emergency tooth extraction or an emergency root canal, if necessary.

Questions About Our Emergency Dentist Services In Grand Haven, MI?

Grand Haven Dental Care is your top choice for gentle and effective urgent dental care. Call today to schedule your same-day or next-day emergency dental appointment!

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