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A natural-looking, attractive smile can go a long way in boosting your confidence and emotional well-being. If you have discolored, yellow, misshapen, or crowded teeth, these qualities may prevent you from wanting to show off your smile. Grand Haven Dental Care is here to help!

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Grand Haven Dental Care’s signature cosmetic dentistry services are designed to provide patients with safe, effective treatments for rapid results. Dr. Wood offers the top cosmetic dentistry services near Grand Haven and Muskegon, MI because she takes into account the complete body health of each individual patient. By addressing cosmetic concerns from a holistic standpoint, she ensures only the healthiest decisions are made.

Smile Makeovers

You deserve to feel proud of your teeth and gums. A smile makeover performed at our Grand Haven dental office combines restorative and cosmetic dental procedures to restore the natural and beautiful smile you desire! Dr. Wood is passionate about creating customized treatment plans to directly address the specific needs and wants of her patients.

During a smile makeover, a number of procedures may be performed to enhance the overall aesthetic appearance of the teeth and gums, including teeth whitening, veneers, tooth-colored fillings, bonding and contouring, laser gum sculpting, and more.

Schedule a smile makeover consultation to learn more about how to customize your plan and receive the smile you desire.

Porcelain & Composite Veneers

At Grand Haven Dental Care, we offer porcelain and composite dental veneers to patients who want to correct and restore their smiles. Veneers are slim, custom-made covers that adhere to the front of the teeth to create a beautiful, natural look.

If you have the following esthetic concerns, dental veneers could correct your smile:

  • Cracked or broken teeth
  • Stained, discolored, or yellow teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Gaps between teeth

Dental Implants and Overdentures

Dr. Wood's extensive restorative dentistry training and clinical experience mean she can replace lost or missing teeth with state-of-the-art implants or implant-supported dentures that look, feel, and function just like natural teeth. An implant consists of a titanium post (“root”) permanently anchored to your jawbone, where crowns or dentures can then be attached to complete the procedure and establish the natural look.

We offer the following dental implant systems:

  • All-on-4®
  • Implant-Retained Overdentures

Dermal Filler Treatment

As people age, lines can appear on the face and fullness can diminish. To help re-establish a fuller and smoother facial appearance, Dr. Wood uses Allergan dermal fillers. These medical implant devices are also known by several other names, including injectable implants, soft tissue fillers, and more. Since the filler materials used are naturally absorbed over time, patients may need to receive this treatment on a regular schedule to maintain their desired results.

Laser Gingival Recontouring

We provide laser gingival recontouring to patients who are concerned about their gum lines when they smile. With her advanced dental laser technology, Dr. Wood re-shapes gum tissue, banishing uneven gum lines and "gummy smiles." As an added benefit, this service can also promote healthier gums!

Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation®

Another option to address gum issues is pinhole gum rejuvenation®. This procedure consists of using a needle to make small holes in the gum line, allowing Dr. Wood to guide the tissue into a more proper position over the tooth for instant results. There’s no cutting and no stitching, which means there’s minimal pain, swelling, and bleeding.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Over time, it’s common for patients to notice stains and discoloration appearing on the teeth that occur for multiple reasons, including eating dark or staining foods, tobacco use, medication, and advanced age.

To help remove stains and discoloration, Dr. Wood offers Philips Zoom and KöR teeth whitening systems, both of which deliver rapid, safe, effective results! For your convenience, this professional teeth whitening system is offered both in-office (as a 60-minute painless treatment) or as a stress-free take-home kit. Dr. Wood will help you determine which of these two systems is best suited for your goals.

Clear Teeth Aligners

Grand Haven Dental Care offers custom teeth aligners, also known as smile aligners, for patients who are looking to straighten and reposition their smiles. Since they are almost invisible and can be removed when needed, these clear aligners are typically preferred by patients over traditional orthodontics. We offer the ClearCorrect system to deliver fast, healthy results for our patients who are good candidates for this type of smile alignment system.


Our team offers a selection of orthodontic treatments including FastBraces®, which can align smiles in as little as 100 days, as well as traditional metal braces for more significant alignment needs.

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