I was directed to Dr. Woods office by the Michigan Dental Association, and WOW! is all I can say. The warm welcome spirit I received upon arrival was the best I've ever seen at any dentist office, extremely competent and confident in every decision. When I walked into this office I knew I was in the right place and they are dedicated to making you feel like a million bucks, regardless your circumstances, they are a God sent! Thank you, I feel amazing already!! A new attitude with a new smile, thanks to Grand Haven Dental Care.

If your looking for the sweetest dentist GO see Dr. Wood!!! She will get to the bottom of any dental issue you have. She will go above and beyond on her own time. She will relate to you on a personal level. I feel honored and blessed to be a patient of hers because good dentists are hard to come by.

I waited till my teeth hurt until coming to see Dr. Wood. She worked with me to help make getting better more affordable, before I became insured, and continues to help me improve the overall health of my teeth. I was treated with dignity and made comfortable by all the staff, including Dr. Wood. Definitely recommend giving GHDC a chance if you’re shopping for a new dental care provider!

I had an extraction completed by another dentist. 2 days later I was in a lot of pain. The extraction dentist was out of town on vacation. I contacted Dr Wood. She said come right in and we'll take a look.(within 15 minutes I arrived) Thank God I did. Looked like it was pretty infected and in need of immediate treatment. Very knowledgeable of the situation and knew exactly what to do. I received a follow up call/text later that day from the Doctor to make sure everything was okay! Very pleased and would highly recommend.

Cannot say enough about what a fantastic dentist Dr. Wood is. Her staff is awesome! From the very first visit I felt comfortable there which is difficult for me since I've had a fear of the dentist since I was young. Dr. Wood and staff will go above and beyond for every patient. A good example of that is when Dr. Wood came in on a Saturday morning for me so I could have a small problem taken care of before I had to leave town for 2 weeks. Don't find that kind of care everyday!!!!

After 12 years of avoiding Dentists and a severely infected tooth I had to go to a Dentist. I knew there was more than just that tooth wrong and I was terrified to the point of being ill. When my husband found out he called and set up everything for that first appointment.

I noticed the difference right when I walked in, it didn't smell like a dentist office and everyone in the waiting room seemed relaxed. The staff made me feel comfortable right away, and not like I was being judged on my smile. My first sedation appointment was spectacular! I only remember bits and pieces of that entire day. Most importantly, I was able to actually smile for pictures over the holidays!

The only disappointing thing was that I didn't do this sooner. Since that day I have been singing praises for Dr. Woods and her staff. I will never miss another dentist appointment again!

This past December of 2007, I experienced my first appointment with Dr. Wood and conscious sedation.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with ten being the most uncomfortable in a dental chair, I was a ten plus. This will give you some idea of the level of my phobia.

I was totally awake the whole time. However, all the anxiety that I had experienced in the past was gone. During and afterwards there was absolutely no pain.

Whatever your fear of the dentist might be, I would highly recommend conscious sedation.

Go for it. You will be glad you did.

Dear Dr. Wood & Staff:

I want to thank you so very much for the care, you and your staff gave me and my family.

The staff explained every step before and after. Your call that evening of the sedation surgery was very considerate, not many doctors or dentists call after.

They explained things to my husband, so he was prepared, too. I did not feel any pain, it was less painful than any time I’ve ever had teeth pulled before.

Your consideration is so very grateful to our family. We would recommend your office to everyone who would need dental work. You worked with us financially also.

Dear Dr. Wood and staff of super stars,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank-you and your staff for taking a stressful and frightening experience and making it a very relaxing and stress-free day. In the past I have experienced very traumatic situations with other dentists. This resulted in my not wanting or willingness to visit the dentist.

You and your trained staff of professionals have regained my confidence and upmost trust in this whole pain-free process. You and your staff made me feel like I was surrounded by family or friends that I have known for years. With this regained new confidence, I can smile, and chew with great ease.

I cannot begin to thank all of you enough at Dr. Wood’s office for being so comforting and sympathetic to my delicate situation and needs. It is not only an honor, but a privilege to have finally found such a caring, and warmhearted dentist and staff.

You all are the true meaning of professionalism. I would highly recommend your office to anyone with dental needs.


Past dental appointments are not fond memories for me. Being a middle aged woman with a busy family and a career, I found that ignoring dental concerns was my method of dealing with the past. Due to those bad choices I found myself exhibiting pain in certain areas of my mouth. Hence the pain would not go away and I was then referred to Grand Haven Dental through a working colleague. I have appreciated the help that I received throughout the past 3 years by this caring dental practice. I have found that by utilizing the modern dental procedures that they have to offer such as sedation during my dental appointments has left me feeling not only pain free but less anxious throughout the dental work procedures. I can thus leave the dental office feeling calm and then return back to my normal life as a mom/wife in the home and a teacher in the classroom.

Dr. Leatha Wood D.D.S. & Staff:

I would like to take a moment to thank you for your kindness and support. As you know I had a serious problem with going to the dentist, with the many terrible past experiences I put off going until something serious happened. I was one of those people that had very bad anxiety attacks just thinking about a dentist As was the case this time.

I located Dr. Wood in the phone book and the ad told about a sedation therapy for people that were frightened or unable to numb and other problems. I contacted the office to make an appointment. The staff was so nice and caring, they made me feel comfortable and everything was explained before it was done. I needed some major work done and with my background Dr. Wood suggested Sedation Therapy.

This was the best thing that I could have done. I was given 2 pills to take 1 hour before my scheduled appointment, which made me relax. When I arrived at the office I was taken into a quiet room and given 2 more pills.

I was totally relaxed and without anxiety. I don't remember anything of the procedure although I could hear talking, there was no pain. I came home and slept most of the afternoon and evening. The next day there was no after effects of the sedation and I myself did not have any pain with what they did. From now on the sedation therapy is the only choice I will make. What a wonderful thing. Thank you to Dr. Wood and Staff you are the best.

When I heard Dr. Woods utter the words “you have periodontal disease” I paniked. PERIODONTAL DISEASE oh no. Pain, blood, PAIN. My life was over. But no, it was pleasant. I arrived at 7:20 am (that was the worst part) and the next thing I knew it was two pm and I was home in my own little bed. The pain was non existent thanks to two Tylenol and two ibupropen. There was no blood either. In fact I was even able to float in my pool later in the evening (properly supervised by my husband). It was almost fun and I got ice cream as well just like when I was a kid. I would do it again if I had to, but I won’t as I have become obsessive about flossing. Anyway, fear not and dive right in.

Dear Dr. Wood, October 29, 2003

I just wanted to thank you and let you know how much the use of sedation dentistry helped me. Before I came to you, my mouth was a mess. I was self-conscious about my smile and hardly knew where to chew. As a 44 year old woman it is embarrassing to be afraid of the dentist. With fear and trepidation I came to your office. Immediately you and your staff made me feel at ease. Not once did I feel belittled or embarrassed because of my fears. You told me that you were so glad that I found your office and that you could help me through this, and you did. The day of my appointment I simply took a pill before someone drove me to your office. I would be relaxed by the time I arrived. I would sit (recline) in the dental chair with my shoes off and a blanket wrapped around me and I would drift off to sleep. The next clear thing I usually remembered was waking up at home. It was awesome! I no longer had to dread going to the dentist. You truly have changed my life. I can now look people in the eye without thinking that they are staring at my teeth. It feels good to smile again. Sedation dentistry was truly the answer for me. Thank you.

Dear Dr. Wood,

There are no words to accurately describe what you, your staff and sedation dentistry has done for me. Honestly. I have a new life! I am a new me!

My teeth were absolutely horrible and I was so embarrassed and ashamed to go to any dentist, so I didn't. I was scared to death; in fact I would have rather died than go to a dentist! I eventually became very withdrawn. I felt that I was an embarrassment to my family, friends and co-workers. I often wished that I could go to sleep and wake up with perfect teeth. Lo and behold, I saw your commercial on TV and that is exactly what happened! Sedation dentistry was the perfect solution!

The initial phone call to your office was one of the hardest things that I had ever done. Laurie was absolutely wonderful!!! She seemed to understand everything that I was going through and knew exactly how hard that call was for me to make.

I was petrified when Jim and I came in for the first consultation. I was afraid that I would see shock and horror on everyone's faces. What I found instead was incredible compassion and support from everyone in the office. You were very patient and explained exactly what was involved in every step of the procedure that we had agreed to do. I amazed everyone in my office when I had 14 teeth extracted one day and was at work the next day. I had absolutely no pain or swelling from that time or the next when I had the rest of my teeth extracted. Jim and I were very impressed that you personally called to check on me each time I was sedated, and someone from your staff called on the next to check on me. I have never seen such concern from any doctor or dentist office.

Thanks to you, I feel like a great burden has been lifted from me. That black cloud is no longer hanging over my head. I can enjoy my life again. I can do things that I never would have done before. There is a whole new world opened to me now.

Dr. Leatha Woodt

Sedation dental appointments have been a very positive thing for me. I was getting sick every time I went to the dentist even for routine cleaning. I had trouble with x-rays and impressions being taken. Dental work like crowns and fillings was very hard to get through.

I have asthma and a bad gag reflex. I reached a point where I could not face dental appointments so I stopped trying. My teeth were chipping and I lost several teeth but I was still so anxious about dental work that I put off making an appointment.

I learned of sedation dentistry and have had many appointments using this method. I have not had any trouble with the medicines used and believe this option has saved my teeth.

Before I had the needed dental work relatives asked why I did not get the work done. I did not like to talk as I knew my teeth looked bad. Being able to have the dental work done has helped me feel more confident about my appearance.

Dear Dr. Wood and Staff,

Just a note to let you know how grateful I am for all your caring service.

After years of dragging myself to the dentist once a year (not the twice that they recommended), I found myself no longer able to force myself to go.

After I reached 40’s my dentist informed me that as a result of over brushing and (age) my gums were beginning to recede and I could expect that this would continue causing my teeth to become more sensitive with time.

I was crushed by this as I had thought I had taken good care of my teeth all these years. I continued to make appointments but found myself cancelling one after another. Finally in desperation I found the ad in the phone book for your office.

I cannot express my gratitude and satisfaction with your services. Your staff is wonderful and by the time I reached my sedation appointment I was not even nervous. The experience was unbelievable. I heard the noise of the drill and much to my surprise I did not run. I had a full day of work and was pain free! My teeth and jaw used to ache for 3 days after just a cleaning.

I am also grateful for your preventive approach. I do not want the experience of a tooth ache or a root canal if it can be avoided.

You and your staff were professional yet personal making me feel like a friend not a patient. I cannot thank you enough.

Thanks to you all I will be smiling for many years to come.

October 2005

Dear Dr. Wood and Staff,

I am so glad I found you! After years of bad experiences in other dental offices, I finally have found a dentist (and your staff) who makes the entire dental experience a positive one. From my first phone call to your office, I have felt welcomed and comfortable.

I recently had my very first sedation appointment. It truly made a huge difference in my experience. I slept through most of the procedure, but do remember Dr. Wood and her staff speaking to me and telling me things like "open wider" and "bite down." I felt no pain, no discomfort and best of all, no fear!

I woke up and was fairly alert on the ride home with my friend. Once I arrived home, I slept for a few hours. After that nice nap, I was able to greet my children as they came home from school, make dinner and function as I normally do on any given day.

Being sedated during my appointment was definitely the right choice for me. It erased my fears completely. Now, I won't cringe and feel sick to my stomach if I need a crown, a root canal or any other big procedure done. I say, BRING IT ON!

Most people don't send thank you notes to their dentist. I never have until now. You staff is such a congenial, fun loving and talented group. Keep up the good work! Thanks, too, for the fast repair work you did for me it feels great.

Usually a trip to the dentist isn't a pleasant experience, but with Dr Woods and her team it's comfortable and easy. I was waiting on Dr Woods to give me a shot before my filling, and didn't feel a thing. I was shocked when she told me she had already done it when I asked about what she uses to do it. Overall a very friendly and professional Dr.

Very friendly and inviting place from the time you walk in until the time you leave. Would highly recommend. :) I felt like she really cared how I felt and she spent a lot of time with me explaining things and made sure I understood everything I was concerned about.

I came to Dr Wood with interest in PST. I left the office after my consultation so impressed that I wanted her as my primary dentist. A few days later I had a cleaning and exam. A few days! Anyone else that I have called is a few months wait for new patients. My cleaning was quite different than at other offices. No scraping or grit. Ultrasound and baking soda. WOW! Both of my visits went longer than anticipated because I asked lots of questions. They all were answered from my hygienist to billing; everyone took their time to help me. They all appeared genuine and helpful. I am looking forward to working with the office in the future and hope these first impressions are correct. Don't let me down Dr. Wood. Here's my thank you in advance for your professionalism, innovation, communication, and confidence.

I couldn’t be more thankful for Doctor Wood and her team. I had an accident and knocked out 2 of my teeth and my (old) dentist wouldn’t touch me just left me hanging within a week I was in Dr. Woods office getting fixed up. I then lost my job, but they didn’t send me away. They’ve helped me so much, raised the bar for dental care without a doubt. I’m forever recommending this office!!!

I was not yet a patient but Dr. Wood came in on her day off to treat me when I needed to have a crown replaced. Was more than happy with the result; and also with her and her staff. Will be going back to start additional treatment in 10 days. Thank you!

Grand Haven Dental Care amazed me as soon as I walked in their doors. Not only did they prepare for my first appointment by putting up a welcome sign, they also were attentive to everything I asked and needed. I’m thankful to be able to continue my dental care with grand haven dental care, I know I’m in wonderful hands.

I felt like we were old friends! We were laughing and I almost forgot I had a giant needle going into my cheek. They were very informative while I was having the procedure (cavity filling). Can’t say enough great thing about the whole staff.

Everyone is great here. I have never been to a dentist where you can’t even feel it when you are being numbed. They are great.

I felt like we were old friends! We were laughing and I almost forgot I had a giant needle going into my cheek. They were very informative while I was having the procedure (cavity filling). Can't say enough great things about the whole staff!

Dr. Wood was fantastic!!! She got my wisdom teeth out super quick! I highly recommend her!

I just went to have fillings done at Leatha Woods Dental office yesterday. I HATE shots. I could not believe it!!! Dr. Woods gave me 3 shots and I DID NOT FEEL A ONE! I encourage anyone who is paranoid of shots to see Dr. Woods!!!

Dr. Wood and her staff took awesome care of me. Highly Recommend her!!

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